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Focus less on yWoman young prettyour body and more on your mature understanding of life--the wisdom that God has given you, the life experiences you have, and the fact that you belong to the command generation.

Stop focusing on the young adult woman as the prize commodity. Start thinking about her as she really is. The twenty-year-old woman has a firm body--but many times she is socially inept, feels awkward, and doesn't have skills to develop a career, or for mothering, or for being a wife. She has a long way to go to learn as much about life as you already know.

Change your thinking about what you have. You know the old story about half of a pie in a pie plate. The pessimist says, "Oh, too bad, half of the pie is gone." The optimist says, "Wow, half the pie's left!" Think in terms of what you have to offer to your cWoman excercizeareer, your family, friends, the community, the world, and to God.

But having said all that, remember that men are visual, so keep yourself in shape and near the weight you were when you married. Also take a hard look at your clothes--are they the current styles, and do they present you as the sophisticated woman you are?

Additionally, have a daily strong relationship with God so that you give off a positive, encouraging, and growing aura to everyone around you--especially your husband.

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