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You can be encouraged by knowing that this tumultuous time is temporary. Many women who have not known about the midlife Man looking seriouscrisis have become scared when their husbands begin to behave strangely. They think they are going to be this way the rest of their lives. Some women have hurried into divorce, thinking, "He isn’t the man I married, and I’m not going to stay married to him like this."

This midlife transition is a normal, necessary stage in life--and it will pass. If the midlife man does not make unwise decisions during his crisis period, life on the other side will be much calmer. Men who make rash, imprudent work changes, divorce their wives, or run away have more complications to work out after their inner emotional struggle has quieted down. If both husband and wife can see that the midlife crisis period is temporary, they are more likely to have the courage to hang on during the rough times.


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