How Do I Re-Store My Marriage?

Understand why your mate abandoned you. It's crucial for you to understand the extreme pressures that pushed your mate to extreme actions--abandonment. Make a list of factors that could have affected your mate's decision. This may be an ongoing project for you.

Be prepared for hard work. Start reading books on marriage and divorce, midlife problems, forgiveness, and so on. Remind yourself that this isn't going to be an easy task, nor will it be over quickly. You are not a super person - you are like every other person who has been discarded. Some days you'll have great drive, ambition and vision to save your marriage. Other times you won't care at all. But it's crucial that you understand it will be hard work and you have to be committed to put forth the effort.

There are many other factors and things you can do to revive your relationship. Don't hesitate to get the necessary help and work towards restoration. Some of the following resources can help.


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