What Do I Do With My Desires To Shove This Job?

A person has to resist the temptation to run from work, to retreat into self-pity, to react in anger and cynicism. Go backMan Angry Business Man to basics: Why do we work in the first place?

Work supplies an answer to some of the deepest and most basic of all human drives: the need to produce something, the need to create, the need to gratify curiosity, the need to be useful, the need to be needed.

Humans have a basic, built-in need for work. Work is not a violation of man, rather it is an important ingredient to fulfill people. Some people believe that work was part of the curse God. But work was present before the Fall of man.

At midlife, it is absolutely crucial for a person to look within himself for internal interests. Finding the right job is matching our God-given interests and abilities with various occupational opportunities. All of your life will be more focused if you are working to serve people, not just earn money. Spend the necessary time to be doing the right job!

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