My Wife Wants Me To Be Strong And Assertive--Yet Sensitive And Gentle. How Can I Be Everything?

Joyce Landorf has written a good book to husbands, entitled "Tough and Tender".

She says these are the two qualities that women look for in men. Women like men to be strong in tBook Tough and Tenderhemselves and know where they're going--yet be sensitive, caring, and hurt when others hurt.

To remain appealing to your wife you will need to be strong within yourself. We're not talking about being macho or pumping iron. We're talking about being emotionally and spiritually strong, being confident, and really being in tune with yourself. Try to have an emotional reserve so that you can give to your wife. You must be sure that you're not so exhausted with your job that you have nothing left for her.

She needs to see you as a strong spiritual person who is walking with God. Let your wife see that you trust God and pray for her. She needs your strength, when she can't be strong in herself. Sometimes strength and tenderness will mean that you help her put things into perspective, refocus her energies, and think through her values.

A real man is able to be like Jesus--tender enough to care for little children, yet tough enough to die for all of us.

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