Listening to the Promptings of God

Listening to God is a learned skill. Perhaps you have read accounts in the Bible where God has spoken to men and women. You may even know people who say that God has spoken to them. Think for a moment about these two questions, "What does it mean to be spoken to by God?” and “How can this skill be developed?"

I don't think any of your friends would say that God spoke to them audibly. But they will assure you that God definitely did prompt them. I personally feel more comfortable using words such as, "prompt" or "leading". But the question still remains, "How do I have such an intimate connection with God that I sense He is prompting, or leading my life?"

Let me suggest a process which I've found helpful to increase my sensitivity toward God. In my morning quiet time I do the following things. First, I quiet my mind by removing all distractions. Second, I pray briefly, "God, I want you to lead me and teach me during this time". Third, I then read the Bible and / or some other book. While I'm reading I expect some concepts, phrases, or words to jump off the page at me—the words which get my attention.

Fourth, I accept those words as coming from God. Fifth, I talk to God about what I'm seeing in the Bible, or my other readings—and I wait for any other impressions which might flood my mind. I continue reflecting with God about what I have read, and any additional impressions He is giving me.

Sixth, I make a commitment to God—today I will attempt to live the concepts which He has pointed out to me. I also ask for strength and for the Holy Spirit to continue to prompting me throughout the day.

If you intentionally seek to connect to God, He will connect you.

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