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Two Common Misconceptions About Affairs?

1. It's possible to separate sex and love. The argument that sex can be detached from love and marriage is simply not backed up by biological, psychological, and anthropological evidence. In infancy, we first learn to associate creature comfort and sensuous good feelings with love.

As adults, we may be capable at times to have sex without any emotional attachment to the partner, but this is the exception, not the rule. The normal tendency is for intense sexual experiences to generate emotional ties. Chemicals are released in the brain which bond the two people together at some level. That's why the history of extra-marital behavior is filled with stories of a mere romp in the hay turning into a love affair that damages or destroys man marriages.

2. Everyone's doing it. The Ladies Home Journal reports that 79 percent of the 83,000 women who responded to their questionnaire have never had an affair. Our own studies over several years indicate that 80 percent of the women and 69 percent of men that we surveyed have never been involved in an affair. Obviously, everyone is not doing it.

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