Are Men's And Women's Midlife Crisis' Similar?

Similarities for both include:

  1. Influenced by the youth culture
  2. Aware of their aging bodies
  3. Affected by the generations on each side--adolescents and aging parents
  4. Disappointed by their disposability to society.
  5. Experiencing a lowered self-image
  6. Feeling unfulfilled in their marriage

The differences include:

  1. Career The midlife man is asking, "Why should I work?" The midlife woman asks, "When can I start to work?"
  2. Intimacy A midlife man longs to regain his relationship with his children and wife, which he has neglected for his career. The midlife woman often trades intimacy for accomplishing new goals.
  3. Assertiveness The midlife man is ready to kick back. The woman is ready to take steps to make new things happen.
  4. View of death Because of the sharp increase in men’s deaths from midlife on, a man is rudely confronted with his own mortality. The midlife woman, however, does not think much about death because heart attacks and other diseases usually don’t happen until after menopause.

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