How Do I Cope?--I'm Dedicated To My Marriage But My Mate Isn't

Day after day you will need massive amounts of patience. So for each day and for each unpleasant incident, you must depend on God to provide a fresh supply. But you must not let "your rights" and "your lawful needs" clog the channel. While not allowing yourself to be used as a doormat, you do need to say to yourself, "For now I’ll turn the other cheek and walk the extra mile."

If time drags on with no sign of progress--your mate moves in with the other person, cuts off contact with you, blows up at you, or pushes anew for divorce--be patient. When others urge you to get rid of your unworthy spouse, be patient.

Paint a mental picture of you and your spouse together again and keep it in mind when everything looks bleak. That picture represents your goal--a new, growing relationship--even if it takes years and unbelievable amounts of unconditional love. You may need to work very hard and call on every available resource. But you also may get to see your marriage restored.

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