How Do I Build My Self-Esteem After All My Marital Problems?

You need to make some lists about yourself. We suggest that you make a list for each of the following:

  • Your abilities, skills, education, and experience (list at least twelve items).
  • Your qualities and personality characteristics (list at least twelve items).
  • All the things you like to do, whether or not you presently are doing them (list at least fifty items).

These three lists should help you make a fourth:

  • All the things you would like to accomplish in your lifetime.

As you study these lists, you will get to know more about yourself. Are you a people person? A detail person? An administrator? A support person? An outdoor lover? An artist? A traveler or a home-body? Does solving problems intrigue you or frazzle you?

There are no right or wrong answers. The combination of abilities and preferences that makes up you is what’s right. Whatever kind of person you are, you can be glad for what God has made!

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