Does Being Religious Eliminate Going Through A Midlife Crisis?

It is extremely important for us to realize that the midlife crisis is bigger than simply deciding to be religious or not. Without any question, a vital, personal relationship with God provides a stronger basis for solving human problems. But simply because a person is religious, or a Christian, does not exempt him, or her from problems.

Sometimes married people are easily caught in this trap. They think, "If only I could get my spouse to start going to church, then all of his/her problems will be solved." Certainly, a person will have a stronger base from which to solve problems, but they may still have problems. If a person becomes a Christian in order to escape problems, they will probably be disillusioned and later turn their back on God, saying that God failed them. It was not God who failed, but the person hiding behind a religious experience, unwilling to work with God toward the solution of his life problems.

Remember this saying:

"Without God You Can't,
Without You He Won't."

God waits for you to join Him in the process of making your marriage better. He will not do what you should be doing. You can relate to your mate in kindness, then God will do what you can't--change your mate's heart.

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