Do Some People Deny God Completely?

Yes, and this is really rebellion. Sometimes it is a passive rebellion, but often there is open anger and rejection.

Ever since people first heard about God as a child, God was a strange mixture. He was a miraculous person who always did good things for him, sort of a combination Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy wrapped into one. God was always there to help him when he had problems, to give him the answers for tests, to help him win baseball games, to forgive him when he needed forgiveness. But now, somehow, God is letting him down. Why are all these troubles and frustrations coming to his life? God must be dead, or he is so inept he can’t provide positive solutions for these circumstances.

Some people have a distorted view of God and His purposes in life, so when God doesn’t do what they expect, they declare that He is not alive. This problem has been prevalent through history. After Jesus Christ was crucified and came back to life, he walked, unrecognized, along the road with two of his disciples on their way to Emmaus. They said, "We had thought he was the glorious Messiah and that he had come to rescue Israel" (Luke 24:21). These two disciples were disappointed because Jesus had not performed the way they had anticipated. Later in the story, Jesus reveals himself to them. In their new understanding of Jesus Christ, they again became his followers, and their whole perspective and direction were changed.

Some men are caught in the same kind of situation. Their wrong view of God and what it means to serve God has led them to be disappointed and, ultimately, to decide that God is not worthy of their allegiance.

They have concluded from all of their religious life that serving God will be rewarded with good. The more a man serves Him and sacrifices for Him, the more good he will receive. They have not come to understand that God wants a relationship. Years ago, in the Old Testament, God repeatedly told the people he wanted more than their outward worship of sacrifices. He wanted a heart relationship.

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