Why Don't I Get Any Respect?

Midlife today is not defined by "what is", but by what it is between. The man in midlife is caught between his adolescent children and his aging parents. The parents need attention because of their age, and the children need attention because of the demands of higher education and the beginning of their careers.

The values about age are changing. The man in midlife was brought up by parents who believed that children should respect their parents, and in most cases his parents lived to please their parents. The era in which we live, however, is one of the child-centered family. LeShan describes this predicament by saying, "Sometimes we sold our souls for parental approval and satisfaction . . . When we became parents, our children tended to come first; we worked hard at pleasing them! We were the first crop of parents to take our children’s failures and limitations as an indication of our inadequacy, not theirs; the first to believe, even briefly, that one could aspire to being a perfect parent."

We are a generation caught between the world that valued the aged for their wisdom and experience, and the world that now values only youth. One of the highest compliments that can be given to a midlife person is to say, "You don't look your age!"


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