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Will Midlife Crisis Happen If You Are A Religious Person?

Every person goes through several adult developmental transitions. And, yes, many religious people experience a midlife crisis. You do not stop life's natural processes by being spiritual. A ten-year-old who becomes a Christian, does not skip adolescence. Skipping adolescence would not even be desirable, because adolescents learn so much about living as a young adult. Being connected with God helps sort out values at midlife and provides stability and perspective. But midlife transitional issues cannot be avoided. It is not even advisable to skip this time of value redefinition.

At midlife you will re-focus your energies for that last half of life. This clarification of your goals will make you a more effective and connected person, at work, in your family, as you use leisure, and with God. Let your life be clarified by this important midlife reassessment.

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