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Does A Parental Divorce Hurt Older Children?

Yes! We have interviewed many university students whose parents had divorced. Their comments about family friction indicate how deeply children are affected by marital trouble.

"I can't even study. I just sit and wonder what went wrong with my parents."

"I hurt so bad that I can't even stand to think about my dad."

"It's as if I've been divorced, too."

"I feel cheated. I feel I don't even know what a good wife should be like."

"After learning of dad's affair, I'm terrified of marriage commitment."

"I find it hard to believe my dad loves me after what he did to my mom."

"I feel like I don't have a home anymore. I guess none of us matter to my folks."

As you can see, parental divorce is very damaging, not only to young children, but to University students as well.

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