How Did The Women's Lib Movement Effect Midlife Crisis?

The Women’s Movement had both positive and negative influences on our society, including the Christian sub-culture. This movement helped alert us to the needs of women and their rights to equal pay, job advancement, and educational opportunities. The movement also has had a positive effect in helping marriages return to a more biblical and egalitarianWomen rise and fall styles.

The negative effects are that some women who neither wanted to, nor had to work outside their homes were caused to feel foolish and wrong for finding fulfillment as homemakers and mothers.

Some women also have mistaken equal opportunities and rights to mean that they were to become like men. In the book, "The Gift Of Feeling", Paul Tournier, the Swiss psychiatrist, reminds us that the world needs both feminine and masculine attributes. Our society as a whole, and we as individuals, need the sensitivities and perspectives of both sexes. Some feminists have made the error of trying to erase all lines and make one sex. Reading "The Gift Of Feeling" helps women to be glad they were born female, and helps them realize that they have equally important contributions to make in the world.

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