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How Do I Re-Build My Marriage?

An exciting time is here! You and your mate have decided to try again to make your marriage work. You no doubt have some questions and maybe some misgivings. You wonder if you’ll be successful this time.

We hope you’re not thinking, "Now that my mate has given up the third person, we can get on with life and be happy again." Or, "Once we are under the same roof again, everything will be great! Just like the old days."

Perhaps your mate doesn’t want the "old days." Something in the old marriage caused your mate to want to leave, so you need to build a new marriage. You’ll be the same two people, but both will have to change so you don’t fall back into the same old habits that got you into trouble.

Carefully consider the many issues in your decision to get back together. If you reunite without confronting the problems that caused the collapse of your marriage in the first place, your relationship may fall apart again, making it less likely to ever be truly restored.


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