Will A Positive Job Situation Reduce My Midlife Crisis?

3d color boxes like crossword - jobs; interview; search; career; skills; grow; risk; newFor most men their career gives them their major identity of who they are. When men first meet they ask the other person's name and then ask "What do you do?" So having a good job situation is crucial at midlife.

A person should face their job situation, their unique personality, interests, and God given abilities, then seek to make job or career changes that fit. As the job situation improves, then they will begin to find resolutions in other areas of midlife crisis.

It isn't important to tackle all of the areas at once, but it is important to face and resolve the major concerns of midlife crisis such as, problems in the marriage, with teenagers, aging parents, concerns about dying, as well as the job. As each area is resolved, it will give increased strength to resolve others.

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