When Did My Marriage Become Stale?

It happens so gradually, over many years. At what point do you say, "Yesterday it was fresh; today it is stale?" It's like walking on a country road, and after a while you notice there's a small stone in your shoe. At first you just keep walking because it's not very big and the pain isn't that great. After a bit you start tapping your toe, hoping to slide the stone to a different position. You keep on walking, moving the stone around from place to place. Finally your foot becomes so painful that you have to sit down and take the stone out.

The question is, at what point did the stone become painful? A stale marriage takes years to develop, but finally it is painful enough to force you to do something--read books, attend a seminar, talk to your mate, or seek counseling help. The point is--you must do some growing and changing. Your marriage doesn't have to be stale.

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