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Why Do People Get Involved In Affairs?

Our world is saturated with sexual stimuli. An ad for jeans shows a young woman lying on a young man with his shirt off. Of course, they are both wearing the jeans that are being advertised, but the jeans aren't what make your juices flow. Invitations which cause sexual arousal are everywhere--magazine ads, television programs, commercials, The Web, plays, films, books, magazines, music, bumper stickers, jokes, clothing styles. It's as if our culture were programmed for sexual turn-ons.

Besides all the visual turn-ons, we are continually bombarded with easy sex, irresponsible sex, sex without commitment, sex to escape the pressure. At the heart of this sexual overload is the popular lie that sex is an answer for our larger human needs and pressures. Our ultimate need is for deep spiritual and emotional connection with God and other people.

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