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Medication is not the total answer for male impotence. One hundred men complaining of impotence were tested. Fifty were given hormone tablets and another fifty were given sugar pills. Seventy-eight percent on the hormone tablets improved their sexual capacity after a month, and 40 percent on the sugar pills improved.

Emotions play the major part in the loss of sexual ability. If a man is going through stress at work, in his marriage, with his teens, aging parents, or has had a major loss in life so that his self-image has been hit hard, then he likely will have a lessening of sexual responsiveness.

Masters and Johnson list six general conditions that cause men to lose sexual responsivenessManImpotence in Med Dictionary:

1. Monotony of a repetitious relationship.

2. Preoccupation with career or economic pursuits.

3. Mental or physical fatigue.

4. Overindulgence in food or drink.

5. Physical and mental infirmities of a man or his spouse.

6. Fear of failure in the sex act.

A good place to start is with a visit to your family doctor.

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