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Trying to save a breaking marriage is difficult. In stage one, the woman is angry, shocked and numb. She feels betrayed and Woman serious with sunglassesabandoned, not only by her husband, but sometimes by other family members and friends as well. It seems almost impossible to even think about saving the relationship.

You believe in marriage; you have believed in your marriage. You aren’t in favor of divocouple stale marriage black and whiterce. Even if the chances look slim, the right thing to do may be to try to get communication flowing so that you and your husband can consider whether reconciliation is possible.

It is important for your own personal growth, as well, that you try to restore your marriage. If you don’t try, you’ll be like a person who is afraid to drive again after a terrible auto accident--never again able to have the benefit of using a car. For your own future health--as painful as it may seem--you must try!

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