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"I Do Again" - Reviewed by "Steadfast"

I have just read the book "I Do Again"   by Cheryl and Jeff Scruggs and it is a powerful testimony about the restoration of a marriage 7years after the divorce.   I purchased  the book  yesterday  and  finished it today. It was hard to put it  down.  
"I Do Again" provides tremendous encouragement to hang on for restoration, even for those  in our group  who are divorced. It also provides valuable insight into  the understanding of the "hardness of heart" that a spouse can experience and the  strong addiction of an affair and the  difficulties of trying to end it, but  finally conquered with the strength of the Lord. It shows miraculously how the one spouse who left the marriage found the Lord (her husband was raised in the church but was far from God)  and how  God worked to change  them and God revealed the truth to  them instead of it always being  "all the other spouse's fault" and vice-versa.   ( Both spouses,  in time, realized that there were areas that they both needed to work on.)   It  also shows how the Lord had to work in her husband's life to soften his heart as he had been so wounded with her ending the marriage. Today this couple  are the founders of Hope Matters Marriage Ministries and they share their story of how God restored their marriage in His time. They have 2 adult daughters (twins).
I  would  highly recommended this book and trust that those who read it will be ministered to by it. God can do the impossible!