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From "Fmtr"

I wanted to thank you for your book, "Men in Midlife Crisis". It is truly what my husband is going through. I just hope I can be strong for both of us. Right now he's refusing to see a doctor or counselor. I've scheduled an appointment with a christian counselor and have been talking with my pastor regularly. I have also ordered you book, "Your Marriage Can Survive a Mid-life Crisis". I am looking forward to learning ways to help him. I think he toyed with the idea of an affair (phone calls) but they seem to have stopped. He doesn't admit them I've just seen them on the cell phone bill. I count on the fact that he's still home and hasn't left. I'm sure you receive lots of emails. I just wanted to thank you for your books. They are truly a help.  

Sincerely,   "Fmtr"