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Thank you for your writings, Jim. From "Gabe"

Jim, I would like to tell a little about myself, I'm in my late 40's, the proud father of three grown men, along with two young grand children. These past 5 to 6 years have been the hardest of all, in my line of work I have been touched by the best and worst imaginable in life. I have also cared for and have had both of my parents pass away in my arms within a year. Taking care of them and their household, caring for my own family, along with a full-time career, were all something I just accepted as the things I was supposed to do. I didn't understand why, I just did it without question. My wife and I have always raised our children in the same manner. It was also during this time that I lost my way. I am now separated because of an affair. My grown children have cut all ties to me, I know this is in support of their mother, they are just doing what they were taught, "take care of your family". I have never drank or taken as many rx drug as I have in my entire life. Now I'm not able to work due to a bad back and neck. I have never felt as alone as I do now. Everything in your articles describe me to the tee. I look at your articles as the beginning to finding reasons of why I'm in the position I'm in. I take full responsibility for the choices I have made in my life, but I just don't understand why I made them. I hope God will make me understand through your writings.

Thank you. "Gabe"