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Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson

Family Talk with Dr. James DobsonListen to an inspiring broadcast from the "Family In Crisis" series with Dr. James Dobson.

Part 1 with Dr. Jim Conway

Dr. Jim Conway, a man of great faith, was shaken to the core on the day his 16-year-old daughter Becki lost her leg to the ravages of cancer. We’ll peer into a father's broken heart as he asks, “Can we really believe Romans 8:28? Do 'all things work together for good’?” His answer will inspire you today.

Part 2 with Jim's daughter, Becki Conway-Walters

CANCER — the word itself can cause us to wince. In part one we heard from a father who watched his teen daughter battle with the devastation caused by this disease. Now you’ll hear from the young woman as she takes the microphone to share her own thoughts. Her perspective just might surprise you!