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Holidays are tough. Suggestions from Jim to help you through this time of year.

Holidays are tough for people in unhappy marriages when everyone else seems so happy. Depression is higher during the holidays than any other time of year. It's important to make plans and be proactive.   Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed, lonely, and depressed. Doing these types of activities helps change your brain chemistry, which enables you to cope with life better.


Woman Reading Bible


1) Spend time with encouraging friends.

2) Plan a special event/activity that will nourish you.

3) Ask for extra prayer from your support group.

4) Spend extra time with God, in His Word, listening to praise music.

5) Make time to exercise, go walking with close friends, or better yet -- just you and God.

6) Volunteer in your community, or church, to take meals to people in need, serve meals at a shelter, etc.

7) Deliberately get outside your needs to see other's needs and how you can help them.