Praise from "At Peace Now"

About 2 months ago, my husband came home after having an off-again, on-again, 1-1/2 year affair. Although, I'm cautiously optimistic, I thought it important to share this news with the group. During this JOURNEY, I discovered some very interesting things about me and my husband - things that may have contributed to his MLC, things that Jim mentioned in the book. One of the things I discovered along the way was the need and importance of forgiveness. My husband had always loved to drink...however, during the course of our relationship, his drinking got worse, and so did my resentment towards his drinking. I learned that my behavior and response to his drinking fueled the fire of resentment and widened the wedge between us. My husband has started AA, and I have been involved in support groups much like this chat room. I also think it's very important to pray, pray, and pray, but there must also be an equal amount of action on our part. It's also very import!
And during this time, to take care of yourself, although at times this seems impossible. I also think it's important to really take an inventory of ourselves, and not spend a lot of time thinking about the other woman. It seems the less time and energy you give to their union, and put energy into you...the weirdest thing happens, your husband starts to see through the other woman, and begins to see the real you - A kind, beautiful, loving mother, lover and friend. After-all, without being too judgmental, you have to ask yourself what kind of woman would have a man who would leave his wife and children...destroy a family for her time, the husband will find his way back home...hopefully, it's before you tire of his shenanigans. Love, peace, and my prayers to all of us suffering through this. God Bless, "At_Peace_Now"