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Privileges for Chat Room Sponsors

As a way to thank our monthly Chat Room Sponsors, we are enabling them with a few special privileges whenever they are in our live Chat Rooms.

Chat Room Sponsor * Green Pawn
1,500 characters
Maximum Message Length Before Posting
Avatars available
for use in the Chat Room.
Remain logged in room, even when you need to step away momentarily.
Regular Chat Room Guest Blue Pawn
500 characters
Maximum Message Length Before Posting
Avatars not available. Automatically dropped from the room when idle too long.

* Anyone making a recurring monthly donation of $30 or more will be granted CR Sponsor privileges.
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Midlife.com FACTS

Midlife is a time of great change for which many people are unprepared. When the change becomes a crisis, individuals need a safe place to go anonymously and ask questions, wrestle with their decisions, grieve without fear, and find a path of restoration.

People from around the world visit Midlife.com 24/7 365 days a year for advice through our articles and encouragement in our Chat Rooms.

1) We are a non-profit organization - and here for you today - thanks to past supportors.

2) Each Chat Room session is archived and read by approximately 100 people in 3 months time.

3) We have to pay for the use of the Chat Room we host for; hurting people to come and seek advice, and healing people to come and offer encouragement.

4) Every chat session in our archives costs us about $30 from start to finish.

5) We host and post 5 chat sessions a week, for a total of 260 sessions a year (at the least), costing a minimum of $7,800 a year just for Chat Rooms and Archives alone.

6) We have administrative staff working on the website, as well as committed volunteers that assist with Facilitating in our Chat Rooms.

7) Donations are tax-deductible.

If you've found our website helpful, please consider joining us in ministering to others by a donation, by prayer, and by sharing our information with others in need.

If you are a steady reader of the Chat Room Archives, consider sponsoring 1 Chat Room a month to help us keep our Chat Rooms active and Archives updated.

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