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Facilitator Tidbits & Encouragement

"It pushed negative thoughts out of my head" from "NoWorries"

I found this to be so encouraging and it has been a terrific thought to help me stay positive and have a totally different mind set about my circumstances and I pray that this may also help and encourage you all.
This might have been from the Jimmy Evans CD's, "How To Think When Life Stinks", that I often recommend.   Anyways, he was talking about Jesus on the Friday that He was crucified and how awful, terrible, etc. that it just had to be for Him that none of us can ever even come close to imagining the pain.  
The pain and agony and the amount of blood lose before He was even nailed to the cross would probably have killed any of us but Jesus didn't focus on  His circumstances  and what was happening to Him on that Friday.   He knew that no matter what His Father was with Him and that He would be OK because Sunday was coming and He would be in heaven with His Father and His purpose for God's Glory was, "Finished".
Our circumstances / situations are that Friday (unfortunately we have many).   But we should not be concentrating or focusing on the Friday, rather looking forward to the Sunday, as Jesus did.   Jesus knew, and so do we, that "God will never leave us nor forsake us".
The other day, when I needed to capture a negative thought, and had to tell myself and remind myself that this is Friday (our circumstances), but God will never leave me nor forsake me, and SUNDAY (reaching the other side of this journey) will come in God's timing."   It pushed those negative thoughts from the enemy right out of my head.  
By changing my way of thinking about my situation, the Lord has added another level of peace onto the peace and contentment that He has already given me.
I pray that this thought can also comfort, bring hope, and eveb more faith, in the unseen promise that is there for all of us.   God Bless all of you.
Hugs & Blessings,