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Luke 10:41-42 From "Joey"

Hi everyone,
I was reading my Bible at lunch and I know I've read this before and thought this when I've  read this before but after Sunday's Chat Room I feel it'd be good to share.   Jesus' words are in red.   I've added my own comments in the parenthesis.
Luke 10:41-42
But the Lord said to her, "My dear Martha, you are so upset  over all the details!  (B through Y;  what spouses and the Other Women are doing)  There is  only one thing worth being concerned about.  (It is not our spouses! But Jesus) Mary has  discovered it and I won't take it  away from her".
Jesus is everything we need, question is all you  going to believe that and let go of your spouse and let God have them. Only  then can God do what needs to be done in us when we are willing to fulfill His will. He only desires the best for us and He is worthy of our trust. He is faithful to His promises and His timing however long that may be, is always right on time.
Just  felt some people needed to read this and save themselves a lot of unnecessary pain. If you didn't understand the B through Y part, A is the beginning of this journey and Z is the promised end that God has for each of us, B through Y is our walk with the Lord during the journey.

Love, "Joey" (Chat Name)