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Facilitator Tidbits & Encouragement

Maybe it's a kaleidoscope rather than a rollercoaster ride?

It would seem that this whole journey is tough.

Whatever stage we, or our spouse, are in, there are problems and hurts that arise.

Maybe it's a kaleidoscope rather than a rollercoaster ride? A slight movement either way and the whole picture has changed and can never be regained however many backward turns (or steps) are made.

For me, I have always felt that once embarked upon, this journey will be for a lifetime - marriage restoration, or not, and that possibly the hardest bit will be when our spouse comes home.

Two things I know for sure is the wonderful friendship and support I will always have, and hopefully offer, the Midlife.com Chat Room, and that most of all, at the end of the day the outcome is all down to God, not me.

Hugs and Blessings,