Facilitator Tidbits & Encouragement

Don't Settle - Be Thankful For The Journey! From Facilitator "Cricket"

Something to remember is that midlife crisis is an illness. It changes the man we fell in love with and creates an angry self centered stranger. There are many here who have restored marriages and say their spouses are even better than before the midlife crisis. I know others who gave up, and then remarried only to find that they settled and were at very least not happy. Some settle to avoid being alone -- where if only they had waited, worked on themselves, and trusted the Lord, they could have restored their marriage and have the man they fell in love with back.


I can tell you that I have learned to be thankful for this journey. I would never have grown and done the things I have done, except for my husband’s journey. I was too busy trying to be what I thought was the perfect wife and I lost myself. In this journey, I have really worked on myself and done many things I would never have given myself the opportunity to do.


When someone told me that she was “thankful for the journey”, I thought she was crazy. I just wanted to close my eyes and have it all be over. Now I have to admit she was right. God had much work to do and I wouldn't have let Him otherwise.