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Read before registering for the Website or Chat Room

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  Why register for the website?   Why register for the Chat Room?
  Access to extra pages:   A "Life-Line" of friends going through similar situations.
  Chat Room Archives   Facilitators who will mentor you with Godly advice and encouragement.
  Facilitator Bios   Live chat sessions with Author and Speaker Bill Farrel.


Separate Registration required to enter Chat Room and Website.

DO'S and DON'TS for choosing a chat name (this is not to scare you, but to protect your identity):

  • DO NOT use real names.  
  • DO make note of Website and Chat Room Login Names, and Passwords.
  • DO NOT pick a nickname that your circle of friends/family know you by.   In other words, don't think "no one in the Chat Room knows me by that name, so it's safe." It's not the people in the Chat Room that need be feared.   It's your own circle that could be nosy - find you in the rooms, and use it against you.
  • DO choose a name that you'd give a new pet, a car, or a Barbie doll, your favorite candy bar, or maybe the first name of your favorite cartoon character or movie star. Examples:   "Dusty" - "Oreo" - "Abigail" - "Wilma"- "Bandana" - "PeeWee" - "Elvira" - "Hershey"
  • DO NOT use long names or guests will shorten them like this:
    • SugarGirlAnnie is always called SGA, Annie, or Sugar.
    • SomeDayMyPrinceWillCome gets called Someday, SDMPWC,   etc.

Our Chat Rooms are extremely safe to share, encourage, and ask questions.

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Privileges for Chat Room Sponsors

As a way to thank our monthly Chat Room Sponsors, we are enabling them with a few special privileges whenever they are in our live Chat Rooms.

Chat Room Sponsor * Green Pawn
1,500 characters
Maximum Message Length Before Posting
Avatars available
for use in the Chat Room.
Remain logged in room, even when you need to step away momentarily.
Regular Chat Room Guest Blue Pawn
500 characters
Maximum Message Length Before Posting
Avatars not available. Automatically dropped from the room when idle too long.

* Anyone making a recurring monthly donation of $30 or more will be granted CR Sponsor privileges.
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