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Q. Can you describe what a deceived person does and what usually brings them out of deception?

A. What does a deceived person look like? Great question.

The simplest way to say it is he/she is believing the lies. That, of course, is too simple to cover all that you see in a deceived person so we need to expand on that further; a deceived person makes decisions that can never work, they commit to relationships that cannot meet the needs they think they have, and they surround themselves with people who cannot offer any real help or support. All the while they are convinced it’s all going to work. What brings them out is either a crisis that gets their attention or an epiphany that helps them realize they are being foolish. Unfortunately, sometimes they don't get it until they die. That was my father-in-law — he was convinced his whole life that alcohol and pride were better companions than the people who love him.