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Q. Last week I went to a family gathering where my husband & the other woman were there & asked to sit right across from me. Before long we were talking, even laughing about things...

Q. (continued)....the other woman even speaks to me on the street...it's kind of an odd feeling - like we all get along now...I'm Kind of wondering if maybe I have gotten to the place that husband doesn’t bother me at all with what he's doing?

A.   It seems that you are coming to a peaceful place of trusting God with all of this pain. Because we really believe that God is a loving person who loves us, and wants the best for us, then we can freely trust Him even with these painful issues. When my wife, Sally, died, her death did not make sense to me. But my anger did not help the situation. So after some years, I came to the point where I could completely trust the situation to God, because I know He loves me. It's counterproductive to live with anger or trying to always 2nd guess the situation, or trying to change other people. I’m glad for the peaceful state that you're coming to.