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Q. So should I just give up standing?

A.   I'm not big on the word "standing" really. I think it's up to God. I think you should "let go of him" as far as turning him over to God, and trusting God to work on him. You can't change your husband, only God can. I think once you can let go of him, don't try to manipulate anything, be a strong and growing woman of God yourself, and rely on God to be your husband......then you will have peace, and then God will be able to work in both of you. As long as you keep trying to work on your husband, God will sit back and let you have a go at it. So - I'm not saying give up hope - you can always have hope. But, turn it over to the Lord and trust God with your life. I feel like you're in a win-win situation as long as you are right with God and have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior. God will either change your husband's heart and bring him back to you as a strong man of God and husband to lead you...............OR God will provide a new strong man of God to lead you. OR - God will just be your one and only, and that needs to be ok in your heart too. He is worthy of all of your love and attention. Make God your number 1 man.