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Thank You Letters

Impressed with everyone!

How incredibly thoughtful of you to let me know about Jim's schedule. I did have intentions of leaving the Bible study if it ran late at all. I still hope to attend the chat tonight, but it is good to know.
I have been attending the chats....pretty much every night they are offered. I am immensely enjoying them as the facilitators are incredibly supportive. I wasn't getting much of that in other sites, so it is sooo refreshing.
I have read Jim's book Men in Midlife Crisis and I just got Your Husband's Midlife Crisis in the mail today. I am trying to read it at every opportunity.
My husband seems so incredibly sad to me. He is withdrawing more and more. It hurts me to look at the pain he carries every day. I pray for a quick resolution to his MLC.
Thanks again!
I have been impressed with everyone I have met through this website.
From Chat Room Friend, "Still"