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Thank You Letters

Thank you Facilitators and Lisa

Thank you for being so encouraging ladies.
The Lord lead me to Jim's Ministry at the beginning of October and I e-mailed Lisa not knowing if I would ever get an answer, but I knew I just had to anyway.
I can tell you when she replied, it turned my life around as I realized this wasn't the end of my marriage, that I could make a difference to the outcome if I sided up with God rather than those who were telling me my husband was a 'waste of space' and I was 'well rid of him'! Even though my heart was hurting at that time, it hurt even more to hear others speak of my husband in that way.
Since then my life  is tinged with hope instead of sadness and my love for my husband has increased many-fold as I've become aware of the hurt that I caused him through my ignorance. I longed to be able to wrap my arms around him and tell him how sorry I am, but I had to tell him by text and even then he didn't respond.
My love is not just for my husband, but for all those who are not yet saved, including  his other woman who is actually married to my brother.
I don't know how long I will need to stand for my husband's salvation - it may be forever and if that's the case, then so be it.
I love him so much I'd give up  my marriage restoration if only he could be saved. And not just him, but my sister-in-law and brother who are the other couple in my circumstances, as well as all other couples with hurting and broken marriages.
I thank  our Lord that he has brought you lovely people alongside me, that we may encourage one another in what must surely be one of the most heartrending situations we could find ourselves in.
Bless you all,