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Thank You Letters

From "Jenna"

Dear Lisa,

You just cannot imagine how in awe I am of your commitment to praying, loving, and caring for people.   Just in the words you gave me they are so anointed.   I did want to ask you to please pray for my husband because there is an emptiness there.   He knows God.   I am concerned that he is into pornography.   I will know more next week when he takes the computer from the house.   He stopped by tonight to see the kids and stayed at the house for several hours.   He is a fireman so he said he goes to work tomorrow and he will be back Thursday again when he gets off.   He is coming by in all of his free time so I know that God is drawing him.   I have re-anointed our home and I prayed that he would not feel comfortable here if there are things in his life that are not of GOD.   I trust that is happening. Thank you again for all of your time, support and prayers.   You are a very special child of God and I pray that he blesses you with all the desires of your heart!!    "Jenna"