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Midlife Dimensions is eternally grateful to the Facilitators who volunteer their time to serve the Lord through our Chat Rooms. They are blessed with the God Given Gift of encouraging others and deserve a standing ovation for the outstanding work they do in the chat sessions.

If you would like to contact a Facilitator via email, use the "Contact Us" tab

or write to Lisa in the office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting

to forward your email address to a specific Facilitator so they can be in touch with you.

CLICK on the Facilitator Chat Name for their Personal Bio.


Facilitator Name Regular Chat Name Marital Status Year Started Visiting Chat Room Year Started Facilitating
Beth Beth2 Separated 2001 2004
Brin Brin2 Separated 2008 2008
Cindy CindyJ Divorced 2001 2002
Cricket Cricket2 Divorced 2003 2004
Dani Dani2 Restored 2005 2000 2003
Hannah Hannah2 Separated 2002 2003
Helping Helpme Divorced 2006 2007
Jo Jo2 Divorced 2000 2003
Joey Joannie Divorced 2002 2003
Kmkrn Kmkrn1 Restored 2006 2008
Laneous Alaneous Divorced 2003 2003
Morwenna Morwenna2 Separated 2008 2009
NoWorries NoWorries2 Divorced 2006 2008
Restored Restored2 Restored 2008 2008 2008
Surety Surety2 Separated 2008 2009 
Swanlakejgs Swanlake Divorced 2004 2005