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Dec. 25, 2009 / Christmas Day with Special Guest "Rosco"!

1:13 Rosco: I had a mid life crisis I guess and to put it bluntly I had an affair almost four years ago. College sweetheart. She wanted attention and I was frustrated in my marriage. But had not said anything to her.

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Oct. 5, 2009 / with DAVID ALAN

6:31 DigiMom: DavidA, I can't remember, are you the MLCer or was it your wife?

6:32 David Alan: DigiMom: LOL! I WAS the MLCer.

6:37 Jett: DA, how did the shift come about for you after the 3 years?

6:39 David Alan: Jett: I will say that God knew when I was ready. It couldn't have happened prior - I had to finish going through the different phases.

6:40 Mauigirl: DA - And how did your wife cope and wait for you? How did she manage?

6:41 David Alan: Mauigirl: She struggled as you would expect. But she managed to focus on herself during this time and I think it made all the difference.

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