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September 27, Wednesday Chat with Bill

Little Magpie: Swan - you and Bill help me to figure out my way. I am trying to get out of chaos and trying to stay out of the chaos it's difficult

Bill: Little Magpie: Welcome to the journey! When chaos gets ingrained in our souls because of family dynamics it takes smart focus and effort to unwind it.

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September 27, Wednesday Chat with Bill

Bill: Good Evening Swan. How are things tonight?

Swan: Hi Bill, things are good. Are you home or traveling this week?

Swan: Bill - How are things with your dad?

Swan: Hi Little Magpie - How are you this week?

Little Magpie: All - Hello

Bill: I am home this week. I leave Friday, however, for an extended trip. I will be in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Connecticut in October. The good news is I will see my kids in the Louisville area as part of the trip.

Little Magpie: Swan - It's been rough. I am looking forward to Friday and wish it was today

Bill: Hello Little Magpie.

Little Magpie: Bill - Sounds like a wonderful trip

Swan: Bill - Louisville in October should be nice, temps will be cooler and the colors should be changing. I do miss the fall colors of the Midwest and east.

Bill: Little Magpie: It will most likely be a memorable and productive trip. It is a little long to be gone and I am sure I will be feeling it by the end but I feel privileged to be able to do this.

Bill: Swan: I agree. There is nothing quite like the Midwest and New England in the fall.

Little Magpie: Bill - you have been blessed to be a blessing and sharing on relationships and communication and God's Love you are able to bless lots of others. All - I got home and realized it's my MIL's b-day. H went to see if they had plans. H doesn't, we still need to get her gift as it wasn't on the radar. These days its get up go to work come home, sleep, get up work no time to plan or think of anything else

Little Magpie: All - College student seems okay. I am trying not to "be clingy" but I do miss our talks

Bill: Little Magpie: Thank you for the encouragement.

Swan: Little Magpie - I understand, we are supposed to be starting to slow down at this age of our lives, but instead we seem to increase, no wonder midlife is so dominate among people these days.

Bill: Little Magpie: Glad to hear your D is doing okay. This should be a growing time for her and I am praying she develops real wisdom for her life through this experience.

Bill: Swan: well said. The late 40s and 50s can be so intense with all the expectations from loved ones, technology, our own desires, aging parents, etc.

Little Magpie: Bill - how is your dad? I had to talk my dad thru how to FaceTime my daughter and I just got the iPad recently. Fortunately my Dad was able to find what I was talking about and was able to FT the college student

Swan: Bill - I remember when my grandfather retired at age 55 and he complained it was too early then. Now retirement is more like age 72 (I think), they say we are living longer so the age continues to raise, heck at this rate, I will never get to retire, by the time I am 72 I imagine it will be a higher age - LOL!!

Little Magpie: Swan - I don't think I will be able to retire either. We have mortgage payments up until 72 or 75 that we have to be paying.

Bill: Little Magpie: Way to go with your dad. It is powerful when our parents force their minds to learn new things. My Dad is happier than I have seen him in a long time. He is loving the extra attention. Both mom and dad are calmer because they know they will be looked in on regularly. My dad is also in a good routine so he is more stable physically and not as likely to fall. So, overall it is good.

Bill: Swan: Oh well, I don't plan to retire because I don't what I would do with myself anyway. I am comforted by the fact that I don't see retirement in the Bible so it is easy for me to believe I will keep going. Add to that the fact that Jim Conway has continued to be influential into his 80s and it just strengthens my hope to live long and strong.

Little Magpie: Bill - What a wonderful blessing. I am so glad to hear that about your folks

Bill: Little Magpie: Me too. If they weren't doing at least a little better I would be wondering why I moved!

Little Magpie: Bill - I was just thinking and I know it's a question you cannot answer. I was just going to say that it would be nice if Jim Conway would re-market his book about Adult Children of Legal or Emotional Divorce. It is so powerful. I would love to hear him read it on audible.

Bill: Little Magpie: Interesting you would bring that up. Last time we saw Jim and Jan we had a discussion about that book. Jan's conviction was similar to yours so I think it might happen. It may need a different title but I agree the content is superb.

Swan: Little Magpie - Actually Jim has remarketed some of his and Sally's books, so he might be open to this one as well. I know he is taking things a little easier these days, but with him, you never know if he is gearing up for something new or just taking a breather.

Little Magpie: Bill - I don't know why it would need a different title but I am not a publisher. I think it reaches the heart of the matter and when my H and I were at our worst we were kind of "emotionally divorced" or at least I was. It was interesting to read even with my folks long intact loving marriage but my turmoil and my H comes from Divorced parents.

Bill: All: We also need to be praying for Jim regularly. He has had some health struggles that make it difficult to do physically what he holds in his heart. I agree with Swan, "you never know with him" and I would love to see a new round of Jim's wisdom hit the waves.

Bill: Little Magpie: I think it is a brilliant concept that gets the wrong reaction from too many people. You don't mind facing the difficult realities of life but most people avoid anything they perceive as negative when it comes to family. I think the most important book we have written is Love, Honor and Forgive but the best-seller is Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti.

Swan: All - With Jim I noticed when they took the new direction, he seemed to slow some, but that man is full of energy and such as blast to be around, he can be so silly but still get the meaning of his heart across. And as Bill said, Jim's wisdom is so on target and almost like a light coming on when you hear him explain it. I know for me there were things in my life that I just never could find the words for what I was feeling or even why, but after reading and talking with Jim, it was so clear suddenly and that helps me to grow forward from the pain and confusion I had been living in.

Little Magpie: Swan - you and Bill help me to figure out my way. I am trying to get out of chaos and trying to stay out of the chaos it's difficult

Swan: Bill - I have to say that Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti is helpful in more than just marriage relationships, even with my grandson I have found the concept of the book gives me a different way to view they what's and why's of things he does and how much different his thought process is from mine.

Swan: Little Magpie - I lived a lot of my life in chaos and it made me miserable, stressed and caused me so much worry. I have to say that being able to giving so much to God even when I have to walk through the valley has given my life so much peace and let's just say my blood pressure is much lower these days. I still have troubles arise, I just take a different focus on them.

Little Magpie: Bill - I have had my single friends read the Single version of Waffles and Spaghetti and when my kids were younger bought them the teen version for their Kindle.

Bill: Swan: Thank you for that. I am actually amazed at how much help people have gained from the waffle/spaghetti concept. Without much effort on our part, people have applied the principles to parenting, friendship, work relationships and in ministry pursuits. I think it is because the differences between men and women is so integral to God's plan for us that people see themselves readily.

Bill: Swan: I also think the simplicity of the word picture makes it accessible to a large audience - kind of like the way Jesus taught truth with stories about trees, jewelry, sporting events and flowers.

Little Magpie: Swan - I am trying

Bill: Little Magpie: Welcome to the journey! When chaos gets ingrained in our souls because of family dynamics it takes smart focus and effort to unwind it.

Little Magpie: Bill - it will be interesting to see what affect the college student will have as we try to straighten out the mix her changing dynamics she had always been a stabilizing factor and who knows her role when she returns.

Swan: Bill - Gaining understanding that there are differences between men and women is so helpful and once you "get it" it is an awe haw moment. It used to drive me crazy why my husband and son did certain things as they did, but with the understanding I gained from the book has opened my eyes so much to how the differences can be embraced and compliment rather than just frustrate. God gave you insight to something that has been so helpful to many and I for one and grateful He did.

Little Magpie: Bill - I am trying to right the dysfunction and make things function.

Bill: Swan: thanks again. It seems so simple to me that I think everyone should already know it but experience has taught me that we will need to talk about this for the rest of our lives to help people tap into the truth on this subject.

Bill: Little Magpie: Don't ever stop! Every step you take forward (no matter how big or small) makes life better for everyone you love now and in the future. It gets hard on some days but is always worth the effort.

Little Magpie: Bill - Thanks! Swan/Bill - One of the Waffle Spaghetti things that I can't get over is that Men can actually be not thinking anything. It is a fact that is SOOOO difficult for us women to believe.

Bill: Little Magpie: It is just as hard for us to imagine not being able to think nothing!

Little Magpie: Bill - Touché

Bill: Little Magpie: This is one of the reasons men and women need each other. We each have part of the picture and part of the answer. When we fit them together, we get a much fuller picture of life and come up with much better solutions.

Swan: Little Magpie - Men are very simple and I mean that in a good way, sometimes wish I could be so one direction focused and able to turn it off. Whenever I start to over think things, especially when a male is involved, I try to remind myself to take the direct route to the end and get off my twisty road, I usually understand better and often find the end result much quicker.

Bill: Little Magpie: well done. Pam and I have had the habit for a long time of asking, "Who should lead this one (discussion, action, decision)?" Some pursuits in our life work better when Pam leads. Others work better when I lead. The problem is we both think we are right all the time! Deciding ahead of time who is best to lead has eliminated a lot of conflict and disappointments.

Bill: All: I am going to say goodbye so I can help my bride with her live bible study. Appreciate you - keep growing!

Swan: I am going to say goodnight as well, see you next week.

Little Magpie: Thank you both! Hope to see you next week. Blessings!!!

Little Magpie: Swan - you and Bill help me to figure out my way. I am trying to get out of chaos and trying to stay out of the chaos it's difficult

Bill: Little Magpie: Welcome to the journey! When chaos gets ingrained in our souls because of family dynamics it takes smart focus and effort to unwind it.

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