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April 29, 2017 / Saturday

Bluesky: Being cheated on is horrible, I just don't understand why so many won't or can't try to forgive. Now there are serial cheaters of course, that may be hard to forgive, I suppose.

Swan: Bluesky - because it is easier to accuse and write someone off when they fail us than to look at ourselves and what we might do to improve a situation, we want the other person to be at fault and to point our fingers at them, if we can blame them then we can kick the dust off of our heels and move on without guilt. Unfortunately, for those who do that, there will still be guilt and even though they try to walk away, they don't do so cleanly and often take the issues with them, typically because they are part of the issue. I saw an example once, the instructor took a piece of red and a piece of yellow construction paper, glued them together and then went on with the lesson, near the end of the day, she asked one of the students to separate the two sheets of paper. There was yellow paper sticking to the red and red to the yellow. The lesson is that when we intertwine our lives with others, we will always be a part of the other person and they of us. Think about, how many times has someone you knew decades ago and haven't seen in as many years, yet something will happen or you see something and this person who has not been a part of your life for so long will come to thought.

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April 23, 2017 / Sunday

Brin: Swan, also, maybe he did it to get back at me?

Swan: Brin - I would think he would understand that getting caught would affect him more adversely than any get even with you he could have thought it might do.

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