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January 07, 2018 / Sunday

Swan: dani - I can understand how our spouses spin into MLC, one day all is one way and then you blink and life is passing fast.

dani2: Swan, yes you are right. I'm trying to change my ways this year so that my life is not revolving around work so much. It goes too fast!

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January 02, 2018 / Tuesday

buttons: swan that is exactly what is happening, there's something I've heard on the radio where they talked about how vast God's love and forgiveness is and how if GOD can give up His son to cover our sins then how can we not forgive and let go. Continuing to pray with you for your H and his healing

Swan: buttons - thanks, I appreciate the prayers. I just feel so badly that my husband feels that way, he was a strong self confident man from the time I met him until MLC hit. He was a great Marine and a role model for so many younger Marine's. We don't have contact and I only get limited information, maybe God is protecting me in that as well because sometimes not knowing is better, that way I don't worry about him so much.

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December 26, 2017 / Tuesday

Bluesky: Dogwood, agreed. Yes, knowing the spouse has another relationship is hard. My h, like Swan's is married to the other W. But I don't pay any attention to her.

Swan: Bluesky - Fortunately for me I don't have to deal with the other woman, they live up in central California. I don't really ask our children or mutual friends about my husband, but from time to time hear about him and it is always that he is miserable, even my husband a few years back told me that he is miserable every moment of every day. Yet he stays in his misery that is on him!

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