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February 25, 2018 / Sunday

Beth: Bluesky I have often wondered if my H was happy or now. Did he ever think about coming home. Things do go through your mind.

Bluesky: Beth, I am sure that is difficult to deal with. I pray someday you will have your answers.

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February 25, 2018 / Sunday

Swan: Hello everyone, welcome to Sunday evening chat

Beth: Hi Swan I came in a couple of minutes ago and Saturday was the date there so I went out and came back in.

Swan: Beth - I saw that, I hadn't changed the rooms yet, since I saw you in, rather than delete and create, I just changed the date/day information. It looks like Cricket was in the room alone again yesterday, so there isn't any text other than her hello

Bluesky: Hi ladies, Nice to see you.

Beth: Swan same for me last Sunday. I find we are not getting very many people if any lately.

Beth: Swan it seems there is not a lot of people interested in trying to save their marriage anymore.

Bluesky: What's up?

Swan: Beth - I agree, every since the site got hacked months back, we just don't seem to have as many people coming in. The site gets new members all the time, but they aren't registering for chat. I just don't know how to improve that, so.

Bluesky: Am I in the wrong place?

Swan: Beth - that is so true, people just don't seem as interested in saving their marriages, and it is more they are looking for the escape clause.

Swan: Hi Bluesky

Bluesky: Weird, nothing was showing up for me.

Beth: Swan I don’t know the problem either. You would think people would come into chat and ask questions. I know there is a lot of info on the website so maybe they are getting enough to help them or they do not want to salvage their marriage.

Bluesky: How did the site get hacked?

Beth: Good evening Bluesky. How are you? Good to see you here.

Bluesky: Hi Beth, are you all recovered from the holidays?

Beth: Bluesky good question but then some people out there can hack or do anything with computers.

Bluesky: all, I don't remember this; we didn't have to changes passwords did we?

Beth: Bluesky yes I have been recovered for a while now from my trip. It is a long hard trip and takes a few days to get over it.

Bluesky: Beth, I am sure.

Beth: Bluesky I guess not. I never changed mine.

Swan: Bluesky - I am not really sure, that is Lisa's area. They didn't get into the chat section, but did mess with some of the website. There for a time people couldn't register for the website or chat, but that has been fixed, we are not sure if people are just cautious or what. I have been going through the new members for the site and inviting them to chat, so they know it is available, hopefully that will help.

Bluesky: Swan, ahhh, I see.

Swan: No passwords were not needed to be changed

Beth: Bluesky where there is 3 1/2 hours difference in time I find when I go to their place I always wake up about 5 or 5:30 AM hungry for at least three days.

Bluesky: Beth, that's not fun. Is your d doing any better? In her new living situation?

Beth: Bluesky she seems to be doing good in her new apt. She likes being on her own.

Bluesky: Beth, that is great.

Beth: Bluesky only thing now I wish I was going up this summer to see her apt. She lives by a walking trail and I love walking those trails.

Bluesky: Beth, I am sure that would be nice. Is that one person still 'controlling" her? Not the OW.

Beth: Bluesky how are you doing? Is your daughter gone for the wedding yet.

Bluesky: Beth, no, that isn't for a couple more months. I thought it was in March.

Bluesky: Beth, I am okay, I am been dealing with constant migraines since Oct. We finally got some of it figured out and then they return. I haven't been able to get much done for months now. Hopefully soon it will be resolved.

Beth: Bluesky I don’t think she has much connection with ow now. I know sometimes ow may make a comment on her profile on Facebook. I believe it was getting to her living with two more young women. They depended on her a lot. One waiting for the other to do the housework. I have seen this place on FaceTime and she has it nice.

Beth: Bluesky yes come to think now I do believe it is March.

Bluesky: Swan, how are things with you?

Beth: Bluesky sorry about the Migraines. I have never had them but my D has had them. Even as a child. I hope they find the cause of them and you ca. Control them.

Bluesky: Beth, thanks, me too.

Swan: Bluesky - sorry to hear about the migraines, I had a lady that worked with me years back and she got them really bad, even light would cause her head to get so much worse. She eventually was put on some type of disability because she couldn't hold a job the pain was so bad for her.

Bluesky: Swan, I believe it. I doubt I could get disability without spending a ton of money on lawyers. But I would rather have them go away. lol .

Beth: Swan that is not good having migraines so bad you can’t work. My D had one for couple of days back in January. I think it was from lack of rest. She was packing to move, not sleeping well and had appt for blood work same day. It seemed she was steady go for a while.

Swan: Bluesky - Things are going pretty good, I work, rest and spend time with my family. I don't hear too much about my husband and I never hear from him. From what I have heard my husband is still an angry person, which makes me believe that God is protecting me from that, so I don't poke the bear and figure until my husband submits to God and changes his anger behaviors, there won't be any contact for us.

Bluesky: Swan, I get the same feeling for my situation. No news at all. I do feel we are losing so much time though.

Beth: Swan it seems they get angry at the world.

Bluesky: Beth, and take it out on us.

Beth: Bluesky that is true. I felt my H was mad at the world. Even one of my friends said that. He got mad at things or complained about thugs he normally would ignore before.

Swan: Bluesky - I never knew the details, but the doctors had her on leave from work so much and at one point they recommended her for disability. In fact, she was able to get financial aid with black out curtains for her house even to keep it dark. I felt sorry for her kids, she could never go to anything for them, her husband did all the shopping, etc. she became a prisoner of her house in many ways.

Beth: Bluesky I agree we are losing a lot of time the longer they are gone.

Bluesky: Swan, I hope she has received some relief. I totally understand living like that. I think that is where I am at at the present time. Luckily, no one needs me.

Beth: Swan did they ever find out what caused her migraines? There is usually something that triggers it.

Swan: Ladies - we are losing so much time and sadly my husband is missing out on so much great stuff, not only involving me but our children and grandson. It is his choice, he tells people he is miserable, yet he chooses to stay in that misery, that is on him and his lose.

Bluesky: Swan, except my cat. lolol He doesn't care.

Swan: Beth - I don't know, after she quit she would call from time to time, but since we rarely had time to chat with her, I think she stopped calling.

Bluesky: Swan, I wish I knew even that if he is miserable or what?

Swan: Bluesky - I have to feral cats that would really miss me, I feed them. One will let me pet her, the other not so much. My grandson has fed them for me if I am away from home, but he is 16 now, has a car and a girlfriend, so not sure he would remember as well.

Beth: Swan I hope they found some of the triggers anyway. I have a friend here whose H has them. He knows a couple of things that trigger his. Some people fund change of weather. Some say cheese or chocolate does it.

Bluesky: Swan, I often wondered if you got any new cats. But its sounds like they got you. Sweet.

Swan: Bluesky - My husband tells people he is miserable, but sometimes I think it is to get sympathy and/or to use as an excuse for having not been in contact with them for a while.

Beth: Bluesky I have often wondered if my H was happy or now. Did he ever think about coming home. Things do go through your mind.

Bluesky: Beth, yes, weather can do it to me sometimes too. Especially when it gets hot.

Bluesky: Beth, I am sure that is difficult to deal with. I pray someday you will have your answers.

Beth: Bluesky I have a problem with sinus and I find weather change can affect that too sometimes.

Bluesky: Beth, oh boy, those are miserable too.

Swan: Bluesky - I don't have a house cat, but there was a momma cat that had kittens in the neighbor’s wood pile, after some time the momma disappeared, but the two girls stayed around. We trapped them and took them for spaying, registered them for catch and release and they bring me little gifts sometimes, the occasional mouse or lizard on the door mat. I put out kibble and give them a little can food, fresh water and have a little kitty bed on the porch for them.

Beth: Bluesky I doubt I will ever have any answers now. If H never told me or the children I won’t know. E’s ow knows and she tells me which I doubt she would.

Bluesky: Swan, that is so cute. I wonder what happened to the mama.

Beth: Swan one of my sister have two house cats. Last winter there was a cat coming around her place and of course she ended up taking the poor thing in and feeding it .

Swan: Bluesky - Not sure if she just went on to another area or the sad thing happened, don't really want to give it much thought. The girls are a few years old now, they stay together and come into our yard when they want or need.

Beth: swan where does those cats live or sleep?

Bluesky: Swan, that's cool they stay together.

Swan: Beth - Not really sure exactly, they do sleep in their little bed during the day sometimes and I have seen them up in the eves of the garage when it is bad weather. They are feral so they are not really people friendly, like I said one will allow me to pet her, the other won't come close to any of us.

Beth: swan I just hate the thought of cats or dogs outside and nobody owning them.

Swan: Ladies - the funniest part if that my son is not a cat or dog fan, yet the same one that allows me to pet her, she will wrap around his leg when he is sitting out front smoking. She has claimed him as her person, when his car pulls up, you will often see her come running to the house and right to the door of his car waiting for him to get out.

Beth: Swan how cute! I would love to see that.

Beth: Swan one of my sister’s cats is a people cat and the other goes downstairs when people come in.

Bluesky: Swan, that is funny. They are funny creatures. My aunt has a cat living with her that wasn't supposed to be. Well, on the phone the other night I heard her letting her in and talking to her.

Bluesky: Swan, she is somewhat of a convert.

Swan: Beth - I am thinking about getting them a cat tree for the porch, that way they will have a cozy place off the ground, but with us getting rain this year so heavy at times, I am going to wait until after rainy season.

Bluesky: Swan, ahh, they would like that.

Bluesky: Well, ladies, I am going to say goodnight now. Have a good week.

Beth: My DIL loves cats and have two. One is very vocal and the other quiet. When I was up there one that is vocal came around me meowing. I asked her what she wanted and to show me what she wanted. She took me to her food dish and none there. That was so cute.

Bluesky: Beth, yes it is all about them. lol Anyone who will listen to them.

Beth: Swan I always liked dogs better but I love those cats. Another time when I was up there one got her so the other was meowing and looking at me. I went over to see what she wanted and the other was outside on the deck so she was telling me her sister was out there.

Swan: Bluesky - they are really funny, they know which window is my bedroom and if I am not up and putting their food out, they will get on the fence outside my room and meow, letting me know it is feeding time. The good thing is that they still hunt, the vet who did their spay said it is important to not give them too much food so they will still hunt and be able to care for themselves since they are feral. He also said it is best to not try to bring them into the house, so we just do what we can to help them, but allow them to be feral. In my area the catch and release program is big, the humane society will provide the snap cages and do the spay for free, then they register them for the area you live.

Beth: swan I meant one got outside.

Swan: Night Bluesky

Beth: swan they know who feed them the lady I look after had a cat and as soon as they worked came into the door he was meowing for food. He never bothered his owner. He knew she could not do it.

Beth: Good night Bluesky. God bless you.

Swan: Beth - Animals are really smart and loyal.

Beth: Swan they are smarter than some people give them credit for.

Swan: Beth - they are smarter than some people!!

Swan: Ladies - I am going to head out, just got home from work and want to get out of my work clothes and take a shower. See you ladies next week

Beth: Swan mom has a cat and the door had a lever handle not a doorknob on it. When he wanted to go outside he went to the door, stood on his hind paws and put his fore paws o round the lever and pressed down on it and the door opened.

Beth: Good night.

Beth: Bluesky I have often wondered if my H was happy or now. Did he ever think about coming home. Things do go through your mind.

Bluesky: Beth, I am sure that is difficult to deal with. I pray someday you will have your answers.

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