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February 13, 2018 / Tuesday


buttons: ladies we are at 10 or 11 days until he returns and this always seems to be the time were we have even less contact


Kmkrn: buttons - That's when you have more contact with Jesus to hold onto for now until he returns.

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February 13, 2018 /  Tuesday


Kmkrn: Welcome all to chat!


Kmkrn: Watching the Olympics.


Swan: Hello everyone.


Kmkrn: Hi Swan!


Swan: Me too! I really enjoy watching many of the winter sports, right now the snowboarding is on here.


Kmkrn: Swan - Yup. Looks cold!


Swan: It does look really cold, especially to my southern California bones. I enjoy the snow, but in limited time periods. I grew up in the mid-west were it snowed a lot, sometimes to where the city would be shut down, prefer having to drive a few hours up to the mountains to visit the snow these days.


Kmkrn: Swan - Yes, I'm from Philly, now living in Texas. My H went to the parade for the Super Bowl winning Eagles! It's hard to be an Eagles' fan in Texas (surrounded by Dallas Cowboy fans), but we are so happy now!


Kmkrn: Swan - Unfortunately he came home with the flu. I am trying not to breathe the same air, disinfecting everything, washing my hands, etc.


Swan: KmKrn - remind me how many years your husband has been out of the MLC tunnel? I met a lady a couple weeks ago and her husband went through MLC, divorced her, they remarried after a couple years, have been back together for over ten years now and she is worried because he is becoming distant again. Does your husband bounce back and forth or has he just come out and left MLC behind. I know each person is different, look at my husband's path choices, but I feel so bad for this other lady. Now to be fair, I only met her and don't know all the details, so there could be more to the story.


Swan: KmKrn - I like to watch the Chargers and as a kid rooted for the Cardinals (before they moved to Arizona) and have never been to Wisconsin, but I really like the Packers, they have been my favorite team for years.


Swan: Hi buttons


buttons: Hi Swan


Kmkrn: Swan - Hmmm. He seems to be totally out and he frequently remembers to "count his blessings" of family. I don't see him going backwards. The older we get, I think it becomes more unrealistic to re-enter MLC.


Kmkrn: Hi buttons!


Kmkrn: Swan - I like the Packers and hope that Aaron Rogers is fully back next year.


buttons: ladies I like watching the Paralympics with the sledge hockey, very interesting. Today my students got to try an adapted form of curling (designed to do in school gyms) and seemed to really enjoy it. Our local curling club sponsored some schools for the "Rocks and Rings" program. We ended up with 3 days (instead of one) so that ALL our students would get a chance


Kmkrn: buttons - That sounds great! What fun!


buttons: Kmkrn our D was sick and in my car with me, then I was sleeping beside H, then students shared. I lost my battle and missed the first 3 days back in January


buttons: Hi Kmkrn


Swan: KmKrn - I have always like Rick Warren, but today I heard him say something that I just don't agree with. He was speaking on not acceptance and He mentioned marriage and he said, "if your spouse left you for someone else, they have divorced you and maybe even married that person, you need to accept that they are never coming back, you have to accept that and move on with your life, don't get stuck in hoping they will return." I have to say we know too many people that have returned to their covenant marriage after many years, so NEVER isn't a reality. I have to be honest I trust in God and believe that I was called to stand for my marriage, but I also know my husband is a stubborn man and have watched him throw members of his family away and never looked back. He regretted it years later, but even then wouldn't take the step to reconcile, so I don't live my life waiting for him, I just live my life forward and should he ever decide to reconcile with me, he will simply need to catch up. But for us to say something will never happen is kind of narrow minded, my opinion.


Swan: KmKrn - I was a big Brett Farve fan and really like Aaron Rogers, they got two really great leaders in a row, we will have to see for next year, I also hope he is able to come back fully.


Kmkrn: buttons - Is your H back from his trip?


Swan: buttons - oh we love to watch the curling, how much fun that your kids got to try it.


buttons: swan I agree. Never is a very long time and doesn't allow for mistakes or changes of heart. I too would not move from my stand


buttons: Kmkrn actually I was just going to ask you ladies to keep him in prayers. He went to visit a friend on one of the other islands, a plane ride and ferry ride away from where the pig farm is, he got the ferry from his friend's to the island he was to fly out from (back to the farm) however there's a big storm that has hit and he's now stuck on this island (in a hotel) for up to 3 days


buttons: Kmkrn until now I've at least heard from him once within a 24 hour period


Swan: buttons - lifting him in prayer.


Kmkrn: buttons - Oh my! I don't like bad weather.


buttons: Swan they have plastic rocks on glider/wheel thing with a house of plastic that lays flat, students then get to slide the rocks into the house and play a mini version of the game, this year is the shortest period of time students have had a chance to do it as we fit it in with our PE schedule so that's 34 minutes each and usually they get about 40 minutes. Overall they are enjoying it though


buttons: Kmkrn no I don't either and I don't like when I know nothing about it and it's hard to get information


buttons: swan thank you


buttons: ladies we are at 10 or 11 days until he returns and this always seems to be the time were we have even less contact


Kmkrn: buttons - That's when you have more contact with Jesus to hold onto for now until he returns.


Swan: buttons - I am with you, the not knowing is the worse part of things, my husband was a military intelligence officer and often just was gone, I would either get a phone call or visit from someone from his unit telling me who my contact would be while he would be gone. The Marine Corps took good care of us; always made sure we had someone we could contact for anything that came up. I was fortunate only ever had to call my contact once, my car broke down, within twenty minutes fourteen Marine's showed up and got my car going, followed me home and even spent another hour making sure everything was good to go with it. I learned not to ask where he was, how long he would be gone, etc. but the fear of not knowing was always there.


buttons: swan that would be really challenging. Good there was support should you need it.


buttons: Kmkrn yes, something I need to keep remembering to do. Been listening to Joyce Meyer the odd time and she had good clear points that I need to write down so I remember just the way she says something.


buttons: He's in a hotel in Bacolod City, looks like it's calling for sun and thunderstorms tomorrow


Kmkrn: buttons - Sounds like a good plan. You got this!


Swan: buttons - when your spouse does what mine did, the unit had to be family not only for the families but for the Marine, and they would be able to focus on their task at hand if they didn't have to worry about their family back home. Support was awesome and to be honest for many years I really didn't think much of it, not until 1991 that is when it started getting very risky. Even to this day I cannot tell you what he did; it was always something we could never talk about. Looking back that might be why MLC snuck in and slapped me so hard, I didn't get alarmed by the secrecy and distance until he was into a full blown affair with someone else.


Swan: buttons - I like the way Joyce Meyers teaches, she gets down to the facts, but keeps it simple enough for my simple brain to understand.


buttons: swan yeah, down to earth and clear


buttons: swan yes, my H was in the Navy and not nearly the secrecy however some, they are starting to recognize the need to support families more at the time though there wasn't really any connection unless H connected with someone and then I could. I can see with your H the importance of support though since his job was risky and needed his full focus, not talking about those things likely did allow for MLC to sneak in since you could chalk it up to something from his mission bothering him and him not being able to talk about it


buttons: Ladies I see the area H is stuck in was placed under "blue alert" as a tropical storm slightly accelerated and drew closer to the Philippine area. It means the government units have to prepare for possible disaster


buttons: Ladies this was 20 hours ago


Kmkrn: buttons - Phew! Not much fun! Praying for a safe return.


Swan: buttons - even though he had retired from the Marine Corps, the job he was in at the civilian company was still a position that required a top secret security clearance and he didn't disappear like he did when he was active duty; the secrecy was still there, so I just didn't get concerned. There was a time when I blamed myself for not seeing it, but a good friend and fellow Marine of my husband pointed out that it wasn't my fault; it was my husband's choice. It took some time for me to buy into that, but to be honest, it was the truth.


buttons: Ladies what I am reading then says that as of 2 am this morning (or maybe their time? which is 15 hours ahead) Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal Number 2 was hoisted over Negros (which is the Island he said he's on) classes were suspended in Bacolod (where hotel is)


Swan: buttons - Wow, continuing to pray for him and everyone in that area, Tropical storms are no fun.


buttons: swan thank you


buttons: Kmkrn thank you


Kmkrn: ALL - I am dizzy watching these snowboarders on the Olympics! Yikes!


buttons: Ladies I just need to stop reading the news report I found, it's not going to help me any in any form. can't reach him, don't know how to reach him other than with the Viber number and it might be his cell number over there but if he can't get Viber then he's not likely to get cell either, SIGH


buttons: Kmkrn can't watch spinning A few of my students were doing that today, spinning and spinning! So odd since normally none do or one but I think there were at least 3 who did today, no spinning!


Kmkrn: buttons - Plus the time difference makes it hard too.


buttons: Kmkrn yes, it does


Swan: KmKrn - the winds are really kicking up and the little guy from Japan just did a great run, I think they said last night that he barely weighs 103 pounds. He did good though, last night the wind was knocking some of them off routine and causing mistakes.


Kmkrn: Swan - Yes, amazing!


buttons: Swan given how strong winds can get here I can imagine how they could send someone off course/routine


Swan: buttons - yes you do, during Desert Storm there were some spouses that actually quit their jobs and their kids were running amuck because of CNN showing so much of that conflict. Sometimes not knowing what is happening on the other side of the mountain keeps us sane. It is hard, but might be best to only check from time to time.


buttons: swan yes, I hadn't checked until I was chatting with you ladies as I wanted to see if I could find anything. I need to stay sane for myself and for my students


Kmkrn: buttons - We will pray for you, for peace until you can hear from your H.


buttons: Kmkrn thank you. I have been so tired to start with I can't get more tired


Swan: Ladies I am going to head out, need to get dinner started, my grandson is commenting that his tumbly is grumbly.


buttons: Ladies thank you for the chat and support!  Praying for wonderful things and for God's love to show itself to each of you tomorrow and other days. Night


Kmkrn: ALL - Praying for all MLC spouses, and our own prayer intentions. Be safe. Until next week!


buttons: Nigh and hugs all






buttons: ladies we are at 10 or 11 days until he returns and this always seems to be the time were we have even less contact


Kmkrn: buttons - That's when you have more contact with Jesus to hold onto for now until he returns.

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