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January 31, 2018 / Wednesday

Swan: Little Magpie - so what are you going to commit to doing that makes you happy?

Little Magpie: Swan - IDk. It's tough with yd gone and she is the only one who I hang out with

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January 31, 2018 / Wednesday

Swan: Hi Little Magpie - How are you tonight?

Little Magpie: Hello Swan

Little Magpie: Swan - exhausted due to all the emotional stuff due to the losses.

Little Magpie: swan - how are you?

Swan: Little Magpie - Sorry you are exhausted, emotional stress in my opinion causes the worst type of exhaustion.

Swan: Little Magpie - I am doing good, feeling a little tired because I have been working some extra hours, we are short a couple employees, hopefully some new hires will happen soon and we can get back to normal work schedules.

Little Magpie: Swan- our couple’s counselor feels it is the emotional/mourning crud and the Seasonal effectiveness disorder depression

Swan: Little Magpie - it is good you are sharing with your counselor, granted mourning takes time and winter can have a negative effect on us, but has the counselor suggested anything that might help bring you out of the "crud"?

Little Magpie: Swan -glad you are working and it's going well. Sorry you are short. Hopefully the new hires will be up to speed soon

Little Magpie: Swan - finding something to do to makes me happy; seasonal disorder lights

Swan: Little Magpie - so what are you going to commit to doing that makes you happy?

Little Magpie: Swan - IDk. It's tough with yd gone and she is the only one who I hang out with

Swan: Little Magpie - didn't you enjoy swimming? That is something you can do on your own, it is good for your body and can be good for your mental health when you feel you have accomplished something. Do you have any hobbies you enjoy? Maybe you and your husband can plan some things to do together.

Little Magpie: Swan- swimming was good; it's been a couple of years since I have gone. H periodically talks about working out but the feeling passes and we stay home in our rut

Little Magpie: Swan - Thanks for the suggestion

Swan: Little Magpie - I am more of a loner type person, always have been, I enjoy getting together with people, but sadly enjoy my own company more. I love to read, not really into novels but do more of the learning type stuff. I like doing cross stitch and find it relaxing. I don't do so much in the way of exercise outside of home, but do work out on the tread mill or stair stepper (my daughter in law lets me borrow them). I often find journaling satisfying as well because it allows me to give closure to emotions and sometimes I will read back and see how times had changed or evaluate when things have remained the same. And sometimes I just enjoy doing mind numbing games on the computer.

Little Magpie: Swan -that does sound nice. I had hobbies but haven't for awhile. I primarily watch TV but lately nothing really is on...

Little Magpie: Swan - my yd bought me a journal for Christmas but I don't really write

Swan: Little Magpie - for me television is one of the mind numbing entertainment things; I need to have a balance of things to keep depression at bay. Working out helps me with endorphins that help fight off depression. Getting outside helps with the light our bodies need (which you are doing with the seasonal disorder lights). For me doing something that gives me a sense of accomplishment also helps, plus I get something pretty from it. I used to frame and hang my cross stitches, but now usually give them as gifts. Once a year my daughter in law usually has a yard sale, so if any are left, they get put on the table, she gets a decent price for them.

Swan: Little Magpie - I used to do the written journals, but now I am more of a typing person, so I have a journal that I keep on a flash drive and at least once a week devote time to journaling. Sometimes I just pick a feeling that I am having and do a free writing that is where I pick a topic and start typing, I sometimes find it interesting what I come up with in a five minute time frame.

Little Magpie: thanks swan. Have a good night and a great week

Swan: Night have a blessed week, see you next week

Little Magpie: k

Swan: Little Magpie - so what are you going to commit to doing that makes you happy?

Little Magpie: Swan - IDk. It's tough with yd gone and she is the only one who I hang out with

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