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August 08, 2017 / Tuesday

Kmkrn: Swan - I'm not sure I want (or could handle) the details, even after all this time, so it's probably better this way.

Swan: KmKrn - I agree, hearing details would only allow the enemy the ability to surface images to my mind that would bring back up the hurt. There was a time in my life when I needed to dissect every little thing, not this, I don't want to know what my husband and the other woman are doing, and I think that is part of why I don't ask any questions of the kids about their dad.

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August 08, 2017 / Tuesday

Swan: Hi Kmkrn - how are you this week?

Swan: KmKrn - The news is reporting flooding in Texas and Louisiana, the pictures and video they are showing look terrible, are you being affected by any of that?

Kmkrn: Swan - Hi! Just had to let the dog out quick...

Kmkrn: Swan - When my day falls on the first of the month I am horrible at remembering chat--I thought of it Wednesday, a day late and a dollar short!

Kmkrn: Swan - We got some rain, but nothing like Houston and New Orleans. It's all good here. How are you doing?

Swan: Kmkrn - You are not alone in that, I constantly think that I should send out reminders, but then I forget, so...

Swan: KmKrn - I am good, working, spending time with family, nothing too active, but I am enjoying the simple life style for now

Swan: KmKrn - I have been meaning to ask you how your husband is doing. You two have been in reconciliation stage for a few years, is he completely out of the tunnel or do signs of it still peek out?

Kmkrn: Swan - My daughter just got back to driving after her broken ankle, so now I don't have to be her taxi driver. I have my life back too! School will start soon again, so I will be busy subbing. Teachers have contacted me for days to work already!

Kmkrn: Swan - My H seems completely out. He still says that the best thing he did was come home, but I don't know any of the details of what happened between him and the ow! God knows, so I trust Him to fill me in someday...

Swan: KmKrn - wow, setting up a sub already! My grandson starts school on Monday next week; he is going to be a junior in high school. He got his schedule yesterday and all but two of his classes are AP, between his water polo (one of his non AP) obligations and so many AP classes, we are guessing he is going to have some late nights.

Kmkrn: Swan - Sounds like good preparation for college though. AP sounds harder than it actually is compared to the regular classes, but then it probably depends more on the teacher.

Swan: KmKrn - Yeah, until your husband shares, if he ever does, it is most likely something the Lord is protecting you from, besides do we really need the details?

Kmkrn: Swan - I'm not sure I want (or could handle) the details, even after all this time, so it's probably better this way.

Swan: KmKrn - He has had AP classes both past years and he does well in them, it depends on the class and like you said the teacher to how easily he completes it. He has two teachers that he has had in the past, one is "easy" according to him, the other is more challenging, but in my opinion that is what makes him a good teacher, there are no free rides in his class, he knows these kids need to not just pass, but really extend themselves in school and he makes it that way for them.

Swan: KmKrn - Tuesday is still hit and miss, last week we had four people in, tonight so far just us. Sunday seems to be the busiest night, I feel back about some Wednesday evenings with Bill, there have been a few that it is only him and Little Magpie.

Kmkrn: Swan - I am not complaining really, but how can we get the word out to the people? Facebook maybe?

Swan: KmKrn - I agree, hearing details would only allow the enemy the ability to surface images to my mind that would bring back up the hurt. There was a time in my life when I needed to dissect every little thing, not this, I don't want to know what my husband and the other woman are doing, and I think that is part of why I don't ask any questions of the kids about their dad.

Kmkrn: Swan - How is your H's health? Any news there?

Swan: KmKrn - we have information on facebook, the website, I have looking at Bill's other website and noticed there are a few places MLD could be noted, so Lisa is going to work on that. Jim doesn't have a ministry anymore, his books are available on line, and I need to ask Bill about having a link added to the sales site, if Amazon will allow that.

Kmkrn: Swan - Sounds good. How is Lisa?

Swan: KmKrn - As far as I know he is still doing ok, he hasn't had the heart transplant, but has had some stents put in. That kind of falls under the I don't ask, but the kids do tell me whenever he has anything come up.

Swan: KmKrn - Lisa is one busy lady, between Disney, MLD and family, she seems to always be on the run.

Kmkrn: Swan - That sounds like he's managing. I would hope the kids would update you on something so important.

Swan: KmKrn - they do, typically the conversation starts with, "Mom, just so you know" and then they will update his status.

Swan: Hi buttons

buttons: hey swan hi Kmkrn how are you ladies today?

Swan: buttons - I am good

Kmkrn: Swan - Are we back to two facilitators? Who else is supposed to be here?

Kmkrn: Hi buttons!

Kmkrn: buttons - All is good here. How about you?

Swan: KmKrn - some chats have two, others only one, depending on availability. I had to go look, Hannah. I bet she forgot, she was so good last month, but this is a new month.

Kmkrn: Swan - My H just called and asked what I was doing. I said "chatting--you are welcome to join us." He said that he was going to exercise instead. I'll keep trying. LOL!

Swan: KmKrn - I can't say that I blame him, if he has put that part of his life behind him, why risk dredging it back up.

Kmkrn: Swan - I keep hoping that he will be the next Bob Steinkamp, oh well!

buttons: Kmkrn when does school start for you? I still have 3.5 weeks left (first Tues after long weekend). As I was sharing the other day, I am on my Teacher laptop (SD provided) and do not want to save chat on my bookmarks (and hadn't found it to anyway) I had SO much trouble tracking down the site/chat EVEN though I KNEW the info to type in. I'm not sure HOW to make it higher or even visible on more searches but that seems to be one of the challenges. SWAN a link on the book site would be good- might cost though? Having Bill put in the site on HIS site would be good too

Swan: KmKrn - I think Bob was reluctant in the beginning, so...

Kmkrn: buttons - School starts on the 14th (next week) for teachers and the 22nd for the kids. Summers always go too fast!

buttons: Ladies I am doing well, decided to move to the classroom across the hall so spent 2 weeks moving and putting away most of the stuff (still have a long counter worth of stuff to deal with but most is done). H was really good about helping AND being patient! There were times I got overwhelmed figuring out where things could go or what needed to be put together and then grumpy and he remained calm and patient, even recognizing when I'd had enough for the day, it was amazing

buttons: Kmkrn our summer was/is 9 weeks this year.

Swan: Ladies - I remember when I was a kid, even when my two children were young, school never started before Labor Day, but it also didn't get out for summer until mid June, my grandson was out of school for the summer by the end of May and is back on Monday.

buttons: Ladies I spent the next 3 weeks doing very little, puttering at SOME housework and such, doing a bit of Literacy activity creating, etc...

buttons: Swan that's the way it is here and always have been even though the district is now able to make it a full year calendar if they wish (that would be what CA is I believe?) which can shorten some holidays and lengthen others

Kmkrn: buttons - That sounds all good. Moving classrooms will help you get organized with new ideas (and throw out things you don't need any more hopefully).

Swan: buttons - awesome that he was a help and even more so that he kept the cooler head when things got frustrating, it is so awesome to hear about how your husband is with you.

buttons: Kmkrn the interesting thing is that pretty much everything is useful and not for me but the students, the key is some of it got lost in the shuffle because I had less storage and was less organized in my old room

Swan: buttons - some areas of CA, mostly north are year round, we are still nine month here

buttons: swan YES, I had to stop and remind myself and rejoice because I would get stuck in the negative a bit, he really was helpful, encouraging and patient

buttons: swan ah, alright; we are pretty much 9 months by the time you take off Christmas and Spring break time

Swan: buttons - I was looking at his orientation package this morning, they do have longer holidays, a full week for Thanksgiving and get out days before Christmas. I remember two days at Thanksgiving and from the day before Christmas to the day after New Years

buttons: swan it spans over 10 months though

Swan: buttons - oh yeah Spring Break, two weeks!

Kmkrn: Swan - Wow! We only get one week for Spring Break!

buttons: swan ah we are out the Friday before Christmas unless it is THE DAY BEFORE and then it's the full week before and the day after New Years or possibly the Monday/Tuesday after, we have 2 weeks at Spring Break however we work extra minutes (not noticeable) to have it that way, one of our nearby districts is still at 1 week

buttons: Ladies there is a required number of hours that need to be taught or maybe it reflects as days in there too??? Anyway, I know in our district we had to vote and be willing to work something like an extra 5 minutes a day for the year to get the 2 weeks at Spring break

buttons: Swan I was going to say that my H has been working the 2-10:30 pm shift for a couple of months and it sounds like he will be for a while more, with this in mind I was going to offer to cover Tuesdays since he's at work Mon-Fri regularly right now. I would set my phone alarm to remind me

Swan: buttons - thanks I really appreciate that

Kmkrn: buttons - I need to set an alarm too. I write it on the calendar, and promptly forget to check it (especially in the summer when I forget what day it is anyway)!

buttons: Ladies my Dad now has a temporary spot in a care home, the room is smaller than the hospital room he's in and is still shared, my extra mom is praying this room is temporary, that's the impression she was given. Praying that this place provides him with a little more activity and (ugh lost the word stimulation?) than being in the hospital. His Parkinson's is in a progressed stage whereas his Alzheimer's doesn't seem to have progressed too fast at the moment

buttons: Kmkrn It may sound horrible but I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to visit Dad every Sunday around 3

Swan: Ladies - when I wake up in the morning, one of the first questions I ask myself is what day is it

Kmkrn: buttons - It's a good idea! How far away is your dad from you?

buttons: Swan with it being summer I TOTALLY am doing that!!!!

buttons: Kmkrn he's in town about 20-25 minutes away from our place

Kmkrn: buttons - Do you have dinner with him?

buttons: Kmkrn not usually, I time it so that his dinner arrives and I can slip out during or just after, it then gives he and my extra wife time too by the end of the day he's tired

buttons: Kmkrn we did take dinner to him and extra mom a couple weeks back as it was their anniversary the day before. H came too

Kmkrn: buttons - That sounds nice.

buttons: Kmkrn they enjoyed it, we were going to take KFC but Dad called and said NO MORE Chicken or I'm going to turn into one Before he was moved to another floor someone had been ordering his dinners and MOST of the time it was chicken!! When he moved floors someone allowed him to order for himself and now he has had variety

Kmkrn: ALL - My dad just turned 80 in May. He has a pacemaker (with a built in defibrillator) that kicked in while he was playing golf one day! He thought he was hit in the back with a golf ball--then drove himself home! He's so stubborn and won't give up the keys, but if it goes off again, the doctor said he will have to quit driving. It's hard getting old!

Swan: buttons - that is good he gets a variety, I like chicken but agree I can't have it all the time

buttons: Kmkrn So frustrating! I used to work for a medical alert company and one customer had just returned from hospital after recovering from his 3rd heart attack in the year or something and I saw him drive out after I left his apartment. sigh

buttons: Kmkrn my uncle was a police officer so after my aunt had a stroke he made her give up her license

buttons: Swan I could not eat chicken all the time, especially when it's served the same way and with the same things each time! Potatoes, beans and carrots

Kmkrn: ALL - Praying for everyone here tonight. Have a blessed week.

Swan: KmKrn - I remember after my grandfather passed away, my grandmother was still driving, she was in her late 80's. My dad had been trying to get her to stop (she lived across the street from him), but she wouldn't hear of it, the car was in his name, so he sold and wouldn't help her get another. My step mother was available to take her anywhere she wanted to go, whenever she wanted, she just didn't want to give up the independence

Swan: I am going to read out ladies, have a great week and see you next week

buttons: Night swan

buttons: swan yes that would be hard. I know I've heard that lots of time

buttons: Hugs, night have a great rest of the week${username}



Kmkrn: Swan - I'm not sure I want (or could handle) the details, even after all this time, so it's probably better this way.

Swan: KmKrn - I agree, hearing details would only allow the enemy the ability to surface images to my mind that would bring back up the hurt. There was a time in my life when I needed to dissect every little thing, not this, I don't want to know what my husband and the other woman are doing, and I think that is part of why I don't ask any questions of the kids about their dad.

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